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Last projects presentation before summer
On July 2, IT Angels organises an exceptional evening to make you discover innovative start-ups.


Next projects presentation
Become a Business Angel: On march 12, IT Angels organises an evening to make you discover start-ups seeking fundraising.


Business Angels week: Exceptional evening
On the occasion of the Business Angels week, we will meet on the evening of November 27, 2017.


Open letter :
« Entrepreneurship funding » of the Finances 2018 Law Project

Who are we?

IT angels is a non profit organization that brings together Business Angels specialized in the field of digital transition. We are committed to facilitate the creation and acquisition of innovative start-up companies, with the funding and help of the members of IT angels.

IT angels is composed of recognized individuals from the industry of telecommunications, computing and the Internet, either as entrepreneurs or influential members of the major companies in the sector. Our members invest in projects with high growth potential and provide assistance through their network of contacts and their own experience.

IT angels is an accelerator to speed up the development of business projects.

This association is member of France Angels.

We organize regular events and meetings in order to bring entrepreneurs and investors together. Please join us !

We invite you to consult the IT Angels Code of ethics, signed by all our members.

A word from the President:


IT Angels is a non-profit organisation composed of people passioned of innovation and entrepreneurship. A lot of french, 8 millions, have bank accounts with companies stock options for few billion euros... Except rare companies being public, fluctuations of the stock market doesn't really finance real economy and job creation.
Direct investments in private companies, that get financements to develop, create jobs, represent less than 50 millions euro per year. Get the mistake!

There are many advantages to invest in start-ups:

  • investors know executives, are informed of the developments, and can if they want to, help to open somes doors, being the ambassadors of ambitious companies ;
  • the potential of value added in long term doesn't mean anything compared to public companies, and entrepreneurs have a huge motivation to meet success. Interests are in the same line ;
  • the tax system is very favorable to investments: stock option account eligibility (tax exemption of value added), or tax reduction (18% of the amount invested is deductible of the revenue tax, or 50% of the amount invested deductible of the tax on fortune).

IT angels doesn't get any commission on invested amount, we look for efficiency for companies, 100% of invested amount go to the development of companies, and jobs creation. Our organisation wish to democratise direct investment, we study files in a collegiate way, our expert members study and exchange with companies with non-profit, and share their conclusion with all the members. Each can take his personal decision of investment and profiting of the collective experience as well.

At last, no need to be a millionaire to become an investor, « business angel » ! Investments starts at 5 000 euros, are on average at 10 000 euros ; the number of investors and their goodwill towards start-ups are the pillars of success!

Join us, you will meet and exchange with those who make the growth of tomorrow, you will meet others investors in a friendly atmosphere, a human experience, innovative and entrepreneurial wait for you. The next Parrot, Facebook, Critéo, Blablacar, Airbnb, Snapchat, The Fork... wait for you.

You are welcome and feel free to share this message!

Pierre Vilpoux, President of IT Angels


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